Social Inequality Before Farming?

21-23 January, 2018
McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research

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Noa Lavi
Sabina Cvecek, Douglas Fry, Alberto Buela
Rob Foley, Alex Pryor, Marta Mirazon Lahr
Duncan Stibbard Hawkes, Alex Wilshaw, Mark Dyble
Ben Fitzhugh, Rick Schulting, John Robb
Robert Kelly
Luc Moreau
Robert Kelly
Emmanuel Guy, Christophe Darmangeat
Mark Dyble, Douglas Fry, Danielle Bradford
Mietje Germonpre, Eric Heffler, Eduardo Romero
Valentina Borgia, Ann van Baelen, Lucy Farr, Emmanuelle Honore
Paul Roscoe, Rick Schulting, Brian Hayden
James Woodburn, William Davies, Paul Pettitt
Duncan Stibbard, Robert Attenborough
Marc Vamder Linden, Erik Gjesfjeld, Ben Fitzhugh
Matt Grove, Robert Layton
Alex Pryor, Philip Nigst
Brian Hayden, Rain Robertson
Luc Moreau, Tanja Hoffman
Robert Layton, Luc Moreau, William Davies
Robert Attenborough, Mark Dyble, Sheina Lew-Levy
Robert Leyton, Robert Kelly, Paul Roscoe
Luc Moreau
Cyprian Broodbank, Luc Moreau
Brian Hayden
Brian Hayden
Robert Layton
William Davies

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